Getto Know FAMODAO and Joinin FOMODAO


Full name of DAO is Decentralized Autonomous Corporations, which means decentralized autonomous organizations. Its idea is originated from blockchain technology.

The FOMO DAO is the world’s first encrypted autonomous community operated in the DeFi domain. Its full name is FOMO Decentralized Autonomous Corporations. It is originated from Russia, and created by a group of passionate encryption enthusiasts. It takes the position of “the Sickle of Capital”. As a representative of the public, FOMO DAO would like to send out the voice of Russian public to the world. FOMO DAO pursues peace and justice, yearn for real life and oppose the wanton trampling of capital. FOMO DAO is accessible for members from all countries and regions in the world. All participants of the Community may establish his or her own online business under a fair, open and equal condition.

I. Advantages of FOMO DAO

The most important advantages of FOMO DAO are its independence, security, and no special limits of authority by a third party.

1. Completely decentralized

FOMO DAO is the first FOMO DeFi autonomous DAO community running on Binance Chain. It realizes autoexec algorithm in the way of technical implementation of smart contract. It is developed and deployed by a group of encryption enthusiasts, and has realized decentralized operation. No central organization would control FOMO DAO, and no individual or group may disable/stop or alter it in any manner.

Decentralization provides complete transparency, uniqueness, and impossibility of alteration, because all information is open to the public. Once internet connection is available, all transactions can be viewed by using a blockchain browser.

2. Safety and autoexec algorithm

FOMO DAO smart contract code is an encrypted algorithm that does not store any funds and processes the profit rewards earned by DAO participants in a matrix structure. It is an autoexec software algorithm that performs the function of distributing rewards among FOMO DAO participants under certain conditions. The source code of the smart contract is open source on the chain and accepted by security auditing companies.

FOMO DAO smart contracts facilitate automated payment among users, so as to protect participants from being cheated, and the assets will not be wrongly paid. In FOMO DAO, the payment will be immediately sent to the user’s encrypted wallet. FOMO DAO smart contracts will remain in effect as long as computers and the Internet exist.

3. Extremely high security

All interactions in FOMO DAO are handled by the smart contracts on the blockchain. No individual or group may disable, stop or alter them, even if the operator is the creator, developer or deployer of the FOMO DAO smart contracts.

4. No restrictions

All transfers and transactions would directly enter into the participants’ personal encrypted wallets, with no hidden fees or use of any software or resource of a third party. As a result, all profit awards would be fully owned by such participant. And such profit awards can be immediately used once they enter the personal wallets without any restriction of time or space.

II. Join in FOMO DAO: Users who own LP shall immediately become the indispensable member of FOMO DAO.

Establishing liquidity pool (all tokens will be available for DAO execution)

  1. 100% of FOMO tokens will be inserted in liquidity pool. Initiators of FOMO DAO Community shall 0 token.


2. Establish initial liquidity pool: 10000 USDT (BSC)

3. Issue price: 0.000001 USDT

4. Initial circulation is 10000 USDT:10,000,000,000 FOMO

5. After FOMO tokens enter Pancake’s LP liquidity pool, the smart contract code shall be automatically performed. 10000USDT in the pool shall be permanently locked and shall not be withdrawn forever.


III. Economic model and participation method of FOMO DAO

1. Add LP of FOMO with one click and earn 1.4 times equivalent LP income

The minimum LP of FOMO that can be purchased is 100USDT. LP shall be purchased at a multiple of 100USDT. The contract will automatically execute the purchase of FOMO tokens, building of liquidity LP pool and the allocation of LP vouchers. 1.4 times equivalent LP incomes will be earned after purchasing LP.

2. FOMO token transaction and transfer business

Fomo DAO community governance tokens may be acquired by inserting 1.4 times equivalent LP profits and market promotion LP rewards into the pool. Pancakeswap only supports selling of FOMO tokens, rather than directly or individually purchasing of FOMO tokens. Community members who have received FOMO tokens can trade or conduct transfer business on PancakeSwap at any time.

3. Node acquisition method of FOMO DAO

When the user invites 30 valid addresses whose investment is larger than 100U, the contract will automatically generate nodes. When the address below a node becomes a node, the node shall be upgraded to a super node.

4. LP distribution method

[Users reward]: 40% of LP shall be automatically allocated to the previous user who add liquidity pool

[Public platoon reward]: 20% of LP shall be allocated to the queuing users who have 1.4 times profits and add liquidity pool

[Sharing reward]: 10% of LP shall be allocated to inviters

[Node reward]: 5% of LP shall be allocated to node

[Contract deposit]: 20% of LP shall be deposited in the award pool and be allocated to super nodes and the last order in proportion as the rewards

[Maintenance fees]: 5% of LP shall be owned by the developers and be used for platform maintenance

[GAS subsidy]: FOMO tokens shall be offered as GAS subsidy after each addition of liquidity pool

[Reward for super node]: 20% of the LP weighted dividend will be given to the super node as the reward for each 10000 orders, and FOMO tokens will be destroyed

[Reward for achieving goals]: 5000U LP shall be given to the user of the 10000th order as the reward, and FOMO tokens will be destroyed

[Ultimate reward]: the last user who adds LP at the end of countdown will receive 50% of the reward pool as the ultimate reward, and FOMO tokens will be destroyed


5. Regeneration mechanism

FOMO DAO counts down for 24 hours by default in each round. 1 hour will be increased for each new order, and the maximum added time shall be 24 hours. Regeneration mechanism shall be initiated after creation of the ultimate reward, the previous public emission reward shall be reset and LP pool shall be continuously added, so as to ensure the sustainable increase of FOMO’ market value.

FOMO DAO insists on the development idea of “Community Consensus, User First”, provides high-quality platform and service for Community members, encourages the members of FOMO DAO to comply with the principles of “mutual help, mutual assistance and mutual benefit”, and jointly realize the super rights of Community.

Node is a key element of the FOMO DAO, because it allows node users to mix and jointly manage the FOMO DAO Community in a trusted manner, jointly determine the direction of the FOMO DAO, and handle and coordinate all issues in the DAO Community.

Join us:


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Is It Genuinely Attainable To find a Severe Associate Online?

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MetaHero game earning strategy

1. Beginners (Daily operation steps 2 and 3, take about 20 minutes every day to complete a group of earning tasks.) Note: A maximum of 4 heroes can play in a group. If you only have 1 hero, you can play with 3 free heroes.

Step 1: Open the blind box with coins, or go to the Exchange Square to buy heroes (By using USDT, SIT or HSPC)

Note: Each hero can be chosen to buy as 100USDT, 200USDT and 400USDT.

Step 2: Each hero goes out as a team, buys stamina, (consumes HMW potion), and clicks to enter battle. For example:

Step 3: Select a map (select an optimal resource map to play 10 times per day, open the box after output.

Note: Pre-set up the output resource in the wallet. Suggested pet choice: Phantom)

2. Input-output calculation table: (the following is the hero configuration of a user account)

100USDT (Purple Hero)

200USDT (Purple + Hero) 400USDT (Orange Hero)
Archer 96 54 79 159 195 116 240 313 392
Warlock 54 79 99 193 115 157 317 391 239
Guard 74 95 56 157 114 200 399 237 314
Mage 57 94 73 116 160 199 397 235 314
1 Each time can fight at the same time: Archer, Warlock, Guard and Mage 4 different heroes, according to their hero situation to find ASB, MWB, HWM three highest productivity coins
2 All heroes play with the main attribute with the highest number, which represents the number of coins that can be produced in that day. Each ONE has three different currency attribute values (yellow is the main attribute in the chart).
3 50% coins will be generated on completion of all stamina expenditure and 50% coins will be generated on completion of all maps on that day
4 All heroes and stamina are required to participate in the battle, 100,200,400 with free to group up, each hero is individually assessed to complete the battle
5 Purple Hero main attribute: 95-100, Purple + Hero Main attribute: 200-210. Orange Hero main attribute: 420-440
6 For example: when 400 orange heroes enter a battle, you need to complete stamina and maps. After completion, only the output value of 400 orange heroes is calculated. When 200 purple + heroes and 100 purple heroes enter a battle, you must complete stamina and maps
7 An example with the picture combinations:

Maximum benefit of ASB main attribute: Purple Archer, Purple + Warlock, Orange Warlock and Orange Mage as a team, output value up to 991, map and stamina completed in battle

Maximum benefit of MWB main attribute: Purple + Archer, Orange Warlock, Purple Warlock and Purple Mage as a team, output value up to 775, map and stamina completed in battle

Maximum benefit of HWM main attribute: Orange Archer, Purple Warlock, Purple + Warlock, and Purple + Mage as a team output value up to 890, copy and stamina are completed in battle


3. Payoff period

(1) The current in-game exchange is about 14.5 resource coins for one HSPC.

(2) If the new purple hero can play 95-100 every day, maximum 100 to counts:

100/14.5*0.234=1.614U, about 62 days.

(3) If the new purple + hero, maximum 210 to counts:

210/14.5*0.234=3.389U, about 60 days.

(4) If the new orange hero, maximum 440 to counts:

440/14.5*0.234=7.1U, about 57 days.

(5) The payoff can be converted into HSPC and USDT for sale.

Tips: Enter the level mode, you can play when you have time, airdrop will be sent with blind box to earn resource coins.

Please click the invitation link to download the game:


Creata Chain Network – The Multi Blockchain Ecosystem

옅은이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

The introduction of Bitcoin nearly thirteen years ago resulted in the creation of the world’s first decentralized, trustless, and democratic economy. It was the first functional demonstration of blockchain technology, heralding the dawn of a new era for distributed ledger technology. There are currently over 18,000 cryptocurrencies in circulation, all of which are based on the same underlying technology. As a result, it has become increasingly clear that no single blockchain can claim dominance over the others.

Most blockchain projects are tailored to specific use cases, and each has its own unique blend of security, decentralization, and convenience. This inevitably resulted in the problem of disintegration, in which blockchains are unable to communicate or transfer value to one another. Creata Chain is intended to be an ecosystem of interoperable but autonomous blockchains that can freely exchange information and tokens with one another. Its primary goals are autonomy, sovereignty, and scalability.

The Creata Chain Network is a decentralized ecosystem of autonomous blockchains that can scale and communicate with one another. It is a network of interconnected blockchains that are customizable and enable developers to build their own interoperable blockchain in a simple and easy-to-follow format that is designed for scalability.

The Creata Chain is a network of interoperable blockchains that includes the main blockchain, known as the Main arch, and independent blockchains, known as Sub arch chains, that are linked by an intercommunication protocol known as ICP. The Sub arch chains are powered by Augusteum Consensus Core, a hybrid consensus engine that is high-performance, consistent, and secure, with strict fork-accountability guarantees that control the behavior of malicious actors. Via arch chains are used for incompatible blockchains. They serve as a bridge for asset exchange and make incompatible blockchains compatible with the Creata Chain network.

MSM and Creata SDK are two other important Creata Chain network tools. MSM, which stands for Multi-Master State Replication, connects the Application layer to the Augusteum Consensus Core in order to perform validation, verification, and data recording. According to the needs of the developers’ business solutions, MSM can be wrapped up in any programming language. Creata SDK aids in the development of customized decentralized applications that can interact with the native network and other blockchains.

The project’s goal is to enable individual blockchains to communicate with one another in real-time. The Creata Chain developers hope to turn market friction into a positive driving force for development by allowing blockchains to communicate, exchange data, and transact with other blockchains.

Creata Chain is more than just a blockchain bridge. The platform also has a comprehensive set of products and features that set it apart from the competition. Creata Chain provides a set of next-generation technologies that provide developers with powerful tools for increasing the efficiency of blockchain creation.

The Creata Chain Network has a number of distinct selling points. The Creata Chain network can process thousands of transactions per second thanks to the Auguesteum consensus mechanism. The main advantage of the Creata Chain network is its vastness and diversity, which allows developers to work with any blockchain they want. The Creata Chain network does not impose any restrictions on developers, allowing them to create their own blockchains with their own governance structure. As a result, developers can add innovative features to applications in a much shorter period of time.


MetaTrads, BNB of the NFT trading circuit

With the rise of the concept of the metaverse, NFT (Non-Fungible Token) has also become a popular object, with the emergence of sky-high transactions that breakthrough real-world public perception. Obviously, NFT has become the hottest investment direction at the moment, but the trading platform of NFT still faces many difficulties.

The biggest problem is the low liquidity of NFT. When it comes to the existing NFT trading platform, Opensea is the dominant one. However, according to the data survey, only 60,000-70,000 NFT have been successfully sold out of Opensea’s daily sales of over $100 million, causing concern about the liquidity of NFT in the secondary market.

The MetaTrads development team understands the current NFT trading dilemma and innovates within the existing NFT trading model. There are two main operation modes of NFT trading platform in the market:

The first, represented by Opensea, is a mode of operation without platform tokens. Obviously, the trading platform without platform tokens violates the spirit of WEB 3.0 and is not conducive to the development of NFT ecosystem. Sooner or later, it will be replaced by rival products.

The second, represented by Looksrare and X2Y2, only rewards platform tokens. As a result, the platform relies too much on the platform tokens. Once the platform tokens price falls, there will be no one to trade, and then the platform will be unable to raise the price of the currency, and the currency price will continue to plunge, falling into a vicious circle of a death spiral.

Different from the above two modes, MetaTrads adopts the dual reward mechanism of trade mining, MT token and USDT reward. Under such a dual reward mechanism, on the one hand, users can get part of the stable USDT income, and will not lose their income or even lose their money due to the change of the platform tokens. On the other hand: Although MT is a reflection of the value of MetaTrads, it is not tied to the platform as much as other exchanges. Users who are optimistic about the platform can hold MT to rise and gain higher profits. Even those who are not good users do not prevent from participating in the platform trade mining and earning steady USDT. In addition, MetaTrads repurchases MT through a 30% USDT trading fee, reasonable locking position release mechanism of MT, diversified application scenarios and burning mechanism, etc., promoting the rise of MT value, so that platform participants really get lasting and valuable mining reward — platform equity tokens MT. Thus, MT really reflect market expectations on the development of the platform, as long as the currency to maintain good, platform trading volumes will increase, the user earnings increase, benign loop, the platform can better development, so MT value represent the rights and interests of platform development currency will rise, and participate in early loyal users also can get special benefits.

In terms of the economic model, the platform maintains the value of MT tokens in three ways.

First, the platform injects 30% of the USDT from trading fees into a liquid pool to repurchase MT tokens, so that the more transactions, the more MT tokens are bought back. On the other hand, the supply of MT to the market does not grow infinitely, but slowly inflates, since the trading of MT tokens from mining is locked up according to the rules. Therefore, the supply of MT tokens in circulation on the market is likely to exceed the demand, and the amount of MT in circulation on the market will be in a deflationary state, so that the price of MT will not fluctuate violently due to the change of trading volume, so as to ensure the stable rise of the currency price. As a result, the value of MT tokens is positively correlated with the volume of transactions on the platform, rising as the volume of transactions increases.

The value of MT is not only based on reasonable underlying economic logic, but also on the ecosystem support of MetaTrads. MT can be used to pay NFT synthesis fees, participate in the stake of LP dividends, DAO voting, etc., and even directly purchase NFT and counter purchase platform trading fees in the future, enabling the diversification of MetaTrads platform equity tokens MT application scenarios.

Finally, token burning is one of the most direct ways to reduce circulation. According to the official introduction, all MT consumed by NFT synthesis and 1% of MT trading slippage will be burned, which will further promote the healthy development of micro inflation in MT circulation.

In addition to creating a natural growth logic for MT, the Metatreds platform also has a number of ingenious ways to stabilize the price of tokens and prevent speculators from overbuying, making it the premier trading platform for NFT in the future.

The Book of Changes says: “Poverty leads to change, change leads to success, and general rule lasts for a long time.” It’s the survival of the fittest. The world of tokens is ever-changing. To keep up with the pace of the future, we should not stick to the old, not be too conformist, but dare to innovate and be flexible. The MetaTreds development team is also committed to this. Perhaps, in the near future, only the MetaTreds will be seen in the spotlight of the NFT trading platform racetrack. Just like Binance (BSC) five years ago, the pattern has already decided the height. Those who bet against the value of BNB, the platform tokens, regret it today. Now a similar opportunity arises, and guess what, will they miss it again?


Crush the Crypto Market with These 5 Tips

Crush the Crypto Market with These 5 Tips!

Investing in Bitcoin is no longer the best way to make a lot of money. Instead, you should focus on trading. Just buy and sell coins, and you’ll make a healthy profit each time you do so. It’s the same for everyone starting out. You’ll have to start from the ground up, too. You can generate revenue quickly if you know how to play the game correctly. In this article, we’ve included some advice that can help you have a successful career in cryptocurrency trading. To learn more about this topic, please continue reading below.

To make a lot of money trading Bitcoin, you need to take into account a number of critical factors. It all comes down to how much you know and how much experience you have. So, without further ado, here are a few pointers to help you make a lot of money and avoid some common blunders:

1. Be Aware of the Risks First

This is one of the most common blunders made by most traders. If you’re not aware of the dangers of this trade, you should avoid it. You could lose a lot of money if you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into.

Before you put your hard-earned money into something, you may want to consider the possibility of losing it. Taking all of this into account is crucial.

2. Diversify your Trading Portfolio

We recommend that you diversify your Cryptocurrency trading investments. This holds true for all kinds of financial investments. To put it another way, if you’re only looking to invest in Bitcoin, you’re doomed to fail. There are other cryptocurrencies (altcoins) out there that you could also invest in as well.

If you want to keep your losses to a minimum and turn them into profit, this is essential.

3. Keep A Cool Head.

There is no such thing as a free lunch. All cryptocurrency traders are in it to make a profit. However, you won’t be able to start making money right away after you buy the cryptocurrency of your choice. There is also no assurance that you will continue to make money throughout your professional life cycle, which can be very discouraging. Consequently, it may be in your best interest to prepare yourself for such an event.

4. Trade Cryptocurrency On Reputable Exchanges.

Your choice of the cryptocurrency exchange platform is also pivotal to success. You should look for an exchange platform that offers a wide variety of cryptocurrency assets, allows you to trade at any time and from anywhere, and provides security for your portfolio holdings.

Ccfox is one of the best places to trade and make money with feature-rich cryptocurrencies and derivatives.

5. Avoid Greed When Trading

Another thing to keep in mind when trading cryptocurrencies is that your worst enemy is greed. Avoid it at all costs. You’ll need to be patient as Bitcoin and altcoins prices fluctuate. It’s not a smart idea to panic and sell your coins right away because of the volatility. To put it another way, a trader can’t succeed if they don’t have patience. Similarly, it is important to take profits when trades are going your way, do not let greed stop you from taking available profits in the hope of more. Remember, cryptocurrency prices tend to be volatile and your profits might as well dwindle as they might keep growing.


Overall, these are some of the most effective strategies for making profit trading cryptocurrencies. If you’re good at the game, you can make a lot of money in a short period.

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The Greatest Method For Free Hookup Dating Sites Today As Possible Find out

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This Is How You Fix Your Destroyed Adult Intimacy Sites

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What exactly you need To Know About Milf Talk And So why

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Why does MetaTrads stand out as the dark horse of the NFT trading circuit?

Insights into the future

In just a few years, blockchain has experienced rapid development, from the sprout of 2017 to smart contract, DeFi to GameFi in 2020, and just past 2021, NFT is undoubtedly the hottest topic.

Blockchain only accelerate and didn’t stop the footsteps, ensuing NFT2.0, WEB3.0, DAO, RMB is hard to knock on the door of the metaverse. Today, blockchain is to take off the virtual to real, in the large-scale ground, assigned to the eve of the entity industry, and in this critical situation, a blue ocean slowly generated by trillions of markets, become a blockchain ground army cook, it’s called MetaTrads.

MetaTrads is a NFT aggregation trading platform founded by a group of geeks in Silicon Valley, and obtained Multicoin Capital, LATOKEN, Deserve, Flipsidecrypto and other overseas Capital investments, aiming to create the world’s largest NFT ecological value circulation platform, empower decentralized communities at the forefront of WEB 3.0.

Distinctive project

As a technology, NFT is still in a stage from zero to one, and it needs carriers and scenarios to bring its value into play. A dizzying array of platforms is the place to host these digital assets, making up the existing NFT market. Of course, NFT has changed metamorphic, the user has made a lot of contribution to unable earning profits, but the heat of the NFT became available financial tools, based on the above established MetaTrads WEB3.0 era, in the face of the various pain points of NFT the present, has made a comprehensive and multi-dimensional innovation, let the freedom and rights and interests of advocating a complete return to the user.

OpenSea is the largest comprehensive trading platform for NFT, covering more than 20 million digital assets in art, music, games, virtual lands, domain names and other segments, with a total value of more than $500 million. Based on the Ethereum public chain, OpenSea is a one-stop platform comparable to “NFT Taobao”, allowing users to trade NFT, create NFT, sell NFT, view data, and more. On the surface, X2Y2 and MetaTrads have similar trading fees compared to Looks. MetaTrads is more “close to the people”. With a loose auditing mechanism, MetaTrads provides users with a 40% discount. In other words, MetaTrads platform offers only a 1.2% final trading fee for a single NFT transaction! Become the first choice for many novices.

The world’s original — NFT synthesis function

MetaTrads has the world’s first NFT compositing feature. When the compositing feature is enabled, MetaTrads users will actively synthesize NFT cards, resulting in less and less circulation in the market. Finally, the high scarcity of official NFT can be effectively guaranteed.

Strategizing — prices are steadily rising

In terms of NFT price trend, whether X2Y2, LooksRare or even OpenSea, a small number of projects follow OpenSea’s price rise, and most of them eventually return to zero. MetaTrads expands the profit gap of trade mining through NFT cards of different star levels, attracting users to combine a large number of advanced cards. Keep the scarcity of NFT circulation, so prices rise steadily and reasonably.

Liquidity of secondary market

At present, the core pain point of NFT trading lies in the price game. There are bubbles in the pricing, final transaction price and second-hand resale price of many NFT products, and the liquidity of the secondary market is poor. Even though it is stronger than Opensea, only 60,000 or 70,000 NFT are sold behind its daily turnover of over $100 million. Based on the price spiral mechanism, the NFT secondary market on MetaTrads is more active than other platforms, so liquidity is very good.

One in a million – quality projects

Although OpenSea has a large scale, due to too many creators and a difficult selection of works, only a few benchmark projects are of high quality in terms of NFT project quality, and most of the initial projects have become wasted paper. Beyond that, other platforms like LooksRare and X2Y2 have very few quality debuts.

NFT deals on MetaTrads have a steady revenue stream and active secondary market circulation, so more high-quality projects are starting on MetaTrads. In addition, the quality of NFT projects on the platform is protected through a strict review mechanism for NFT projects going online.

Love all sentient beings – fair mining

With the advent of the NFT market breakout point, more and more people flock to the platform to promote and publish their work, but LooksRare, X2Y2 and other platforms are in a hot spot mentality, their mechanism, gameplay is not fair, just speculators profit, this is bound to be a flash in the pan.

MetaTrads has made it more expensive for speculators to brush and less likely to make meaningless/invalid trades by reforming the fee system. NFT trading on MetaTrads is fairer than on other platforms. MetaTrads wants to create a decentralized market to break up monopolies and create a fairer world. All people, both individuals and institutions, are financially incentivized to provide both personal and professional data.

Gold digging program – Mining rewards

LOOKSRARE, which rewards tokens for NFT trade mining, is gaining momentum, but it also cannot avoid the congenital weaknesses of its dependence on the price of platform tokens. Because there was a fatal flaw in its value system: once the token price collapsed, there was no one left to trade mining, and then the platform was unable to lift the price, and the currency continued to plummet, falling into a death spiral. MetaTrads uses MT and USDT to reward users with stable revenue while pursuing higher growth by holding the platform tokens.

Unique in the world – platform token repurchase mechanism

MetaTrads injected 30% of the USDT platform fee income into the liquidity pool to repurchase MT and stabilize the currency price, thus ensuring stable and lasting income for users.

Development prospects — broad application scenarios

Unlike LOOKSRARE and X2Y2, the value of MT lies not only in sound economic logic, but also in multiple scenarios such as paying NFT compositing fees, participating in staking LP dividends, DAO voting, direct purchase of NFT and trading fees on counter purchase platforms.

By observing the development of cryptocurrencies over the past decade, we find that Bitcoin is not only a “new technology”, but also a kind of disruptive thinking and exploration. So, we continue our search for a fair, balanced and credible way to shape our new future.

However, NFT has a long way to go. It will gradually move through the bubble, and people will start to focus on the application value of NFT. For the industry as a whole, NFT has never stopped trying to maintain art copyright. Finding true application value has always been a goal of the MetaTrads development team. That’s what we’re trying to do. I hope it can open a new window for the world and become a social practice of great significance.

It can be said that MetaTrads has a huge future imagination and inestimable growth space in the era of Web3.0. MetaTrads will lead us to an unprecedented free space where nothing lasts forever but thoughts. MetaTrads will overturn the existing structure of NFT. Through the combination of the virtual and the real way to build a user data value confirmation system, the future of the metaverse.

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Guidelines on how to Find Mexican Brides

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If you might be relationship by way of a efficient courting internet site and the girl’s profile provides a verification logo, you’ll have being able to ensure that you’re here talking to an actual lady via Mexico. Tequila is the countrywide Mexican beverage and everyone there loves it, as well as going out. Mexicans are very creative regarding festivals so they don’t limit themselves just with the working day of the pointless. They rejoice Cinco sobre Mayo, Hebdómada Santa, Independence Day carnival, and way more. But other than that, Mexican birdes-to-be don’t simply hang around with associates, they’re great at numerous crafts, baking, and lots of other imaginative jobs. Mexico’s among the top-10 international locations together with the lowest divorce price on the globe which is 15%. Yes, Philippine brides happen to be hot-tempered, nevertheless they won’t lead a easy residence argument to a divorce.

Where you can Search Out Philippine Mail Buy Brides?

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Nevertheless, they tutor them to value parents and assist their particular siblings after they have some issues. According to Mexican traditions, a woman will usually find a chance to spend with a man if perhaps she likes him. If your Mexican woman is consistently making standard excuses and doesn’t deal with you as a concern, she is probably not as serious about you as you would hope. For many people from the other international locations, the results of Mexico is limited to its amazing women, as well as Salma Hayek, and a few stereotypes. Women within this explicit country are very fragile about this theme, so steer clear of mentioning any kind of preconceptions you may have. Once your bride goes in the US, you will have ninety days to plan wedding event ceremony commemoration and finally change into husband and wife.

Aged hot ladies from South america are desperate to marry Us americans. This is why it has the so easy for the purpose of residents of the United States to discover a wife in Mexico. And not just a spouse, on the other hand a fabulously charming and alluring wife, whom friends and neighbors will have a glance by with jealousy. Mexican young ladies never imitation to be much better than they really are. They often put on informal apparel and hardly ever do make-up.

Mexican Females To Get married to Are Energetic

If you wish to develop into a half of the massive Mexican family and meet someone now there, you must develop into precisely just like the locals. They can hardly enable themselves to be sent looking awful. Plus, that they love experimenting with their shows up and give you extraordinary make-up patterns. If you learn a Mexican wife, you will notice how cool she has about your earlier. They contemplate it is all unimportant since just about everything goes to previous, and who care the things you probably would back generally there. Just try to do the same in your sweetheart, and you will be fine—it’s simply just an issue of impact and popularity most men and wome lack nowadays.

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The new era of Silicoin – How to play MetaHero GameFi with SIT?

Updated: Apr 21

MetaHero is a fine game that combines hero synthesis, character upgrade, stand defense, and earn while playing, with the background of defending the human tribe and defending against monster attacks. In the game, players can buy treasure chests and complete level defense to get hero characters (NFT) to participate in the game to play for gold. Players participate in daily hero synthesis, defeat monsters, level up and other tasks to obtain three game resources, Aura Stone ASB, Magic Wood MWB and Holy Water HWB, which can be exchanged for HSPC through Swap, eventually creating a game based meta-universe economic ecological space.

MetaHero this chain game preparation and development took more than a year to finally online, is after a long time to polish the details of the game, from the game play mechanism, and then the entire economic model are said to be rich and perfect, can give players the ultimate experience.

In order to make it easier for players to enter the world of MetaHero, this article will introduce the gameplay strategy in detail. The following are the details of each step.

Asset preparation

1.Top-up HSPC

Players need to buy HSPC through the VAEX exchange to withdraw to the game, in order to open the blind box treasure box to get the senior hero NFT to participate in the game to play gold, blue hero is a system gift, only a very small amount of gold gain, but also need to use HSPC to exchange the appropriate amount of Aura Stone ASB, Magic Wood MWB, Holy Water HWB three game resources tokens used to play gold consumption.

VAEX korea exchange download link:

2. Top-up MHC

Players need to go to TP wallet to log in OASwap, then use USDT to exchange MHC (MHC contract address: 0x04Ef9272661420c4164Ad7179a962A51b648AED0) transfer to the game, MHC will be used to pay for the cost when opening the blind box. OAswap link: https://swap.

ExchangeASB, MWB, HWB

Before each player starts playing the game, they must exchange a small amount of ASB, MWB, and HWB through the built-in Swap of the game for deduction of game consumption.

How to play

Get heroes

① Open the blind box treasure chest through the mall, there are three types of treasure chests, each box has the corresponding color quality, respectively purple, purple +, orange, open the treasure chest can randomly get different hero characters.

② Buy heroes through the trading square, or friends to increase each other.

Select heroes to fight

Each character can only choose one class of heroes (according to the color distinction) to fight, the extra hero cards can be sold or starred to improve the gold output.

Purchase Energy

Each hero needs to buy energy once a day (energy consumption), energy consumed 100% to get 50% bonus.

You can see the energy value when you open the hero details, the energy value consumed is different for different classes and levels of heroes, the specific parameters are compared to the energy consumption table.

Use holy water to buy energy value, 1 holy water HWB = 1 energy, each hero can only buy energy once a day, so you need to buy the full amount of energy value at once. Every day 0 points automatically zero (not consumed energy).

Level defense

Use the highest level hero for defense, defeat all the monsters for success, and vice versa for failure; pass the elite level, will drop the treasure chest, open the chest to get runes, pet cards and hero cards (90% probability of blue cards, other cards drop 2.5% each).

III. Upgrade

Upgrades are divided into base level and hero level

The base level determines the starting level of the synthetic hero, and the total number of stars in any hero faction determines the upper limit of the base level

Hero upgrade

① You can activate a hero by buying one (buy from trading square, get from opening blind box).

② Upgrade: Each level of upgrade requires the consumption of 3 initial cards. For example, level 1 upgrade to level 2 requires 3 cards, level 2 upgrade to level 3 requires 3 cards …… level 20 upgrade to level 21 requires 3 cards. Each upgrade also requires the consumption of MHC + HSPC, the specific consumption of a card requires the consumption of the initial card value of 5% MHC + 5% HSPC, and so on. The higher the star rating of the hero, the more efficient the resources produced. The higher the star level, the higher the efficiency of clearance. (Note: free blue hero upgrade is not included in this rule, but the upgrade logic is the same, free blue hero can increase the total number of stars in the camp)

IV. Additional features

1. Attack ✖2:You can use 50 diamonds to increase the attack and get 1000 magic crystals for every 5 activations.

2. Silver ✖4: 50 diamonds can be used to increase the silver output multiplier, and 1000 rune fragments can be obtained for every 5 activations.

3. Pet system: In the battle, the pet can assist the hero for damage output; in the process of clearance treasure chests have a chance to open the pet card, used for pet upgrade, the higher the pet level, the higher the combat power.

4. Rune system: Assembly runes can significantly improve the pet’s attack attributes, can be synthesized from low-level runes + pieces of high-level runes.

5. Scroll system: assembly scrolls can significantly improve the hero attack attributes, can be synthesized from multiple low-level scrolls high-level scrolls, different levels and less than 4, there will be a probability of failure.

6. Monster Codex: every first time you defeat a new monster, you can get a monster icon, there will be a corresponding diamond reward.

V. Core functions

1. Wallet: Click on the wallet, you can jump to the corresponding account wallet, you can view the guild, account details, share the invitation link to friends, as well as view the assets, recharge, withdraw coins, Swap transactions, provide liquidity to get the fee income.

2. Store: Click on store, you can jump to open treasure chest page, according to the assets of the wallet, choose the corresponding treasure chest to open/get heroes through trading square.

VI. Output mechanism

1. The heroes need to choose the day to participate in the kind of resources to obtain, when the completion of the day’s physical consumption will be given 50% of the production, for example: the user has to refine the Fang Shi (production: A for 100, B for 90, C for 75) and choose to produce A, after the consumption of physical energy can get 50 A, while 20% of B and 20% of C need to be deducted; and the user if you choose to produce B, after the consumption of physical If the user chooses to produce B, he can only produce 45 Bs after consuming physical strength, while 20% of A and 20% of Cs need to be deducted.

2. The other 50% of the production energy needs the user to choose to enter one of the three copies to get the reward, copy 1 for the immortal stone ASB production, copy 2 for the sacred wood MWB production, copy 3 for the holy water HWB production, for example: the user has a refined Fang Shi (production energy: A for 100, B for 90, C for 75) to fight copy 1, after completing and winning 10 games, you can get 50 A, while 20% of B and 20% of C need to be deducted. If the user chooses to enter copy 3, after completing and winning 10 games, he can only get 37.5 Cs, while 20% of A and 20% of B have to be deducted.

Hero Output Resource Efficiency: Clicking on a hero will show you the resource efficiency, and the + number indicates the amount of resources produced per day, which will be automatically settled to your wallet.

VII. Settlement mechanism

1. The heroes need to choose the day to participate in the kind of resource acquisition (in the assets below a resource setting, you can click on any one of the three resources to choose), when the completion of the day’s physical consumption will receive 50% of the production, the other 50% of the production needs to be selected by the user to enter the map of the three copies (ASB battlefield, HWB battlefield, MWB battlefield, each battlefield has 10 daily Each battlefield has 10 challenges per day) to complete the challenge in order to obtain the maximum yield.

2. The settlement of the output requires the deduction of two other assets, when the settlement of the other two assets is not enough to deduct will affect the settlement of revenue (for example, 20 coins need to be deducted as consumption, only 10, then only 50% of the settlement of energy).

Every night after 0:00, the income will pop up when you log in the next day, click on the income box to settle the previous day’s income.


For example, if you get a Orange Apollo (suppose it is worth 100USDT worth of HSPC+5%MHC is required), suppose the output of Aura Stone ASB is 80, the output of Magic Wood MWB is 63, and suppose the output of Holy Water HWB is 107. To complete the task every day and produce Holy Water HWB 107, need to consume Aura Stone ASB 16 (20%), Holy Water HWB 12.6 (20%). Then the wallet needs to be pre-charged in advance: ASB > 16 of Aura Stone, HWB > 12.6 of Holy Water, if it is not enough, it will affect the final payment.

In the end, 100% of the maximum production capacity will be obtained on the same day: 107-16-12.6=78.4 resource tokens. Assuming that the prices of the three resource tokens are not much different, the ratio of exchanging Holy Water HWB to HSPC through wallet SWAP is 19:1, which is obtained every day. 78.4÷19=4.126 HSPCs.

Assuming that the HSPC is 1U according to the exchange price, 4×1U=4U/day, 4Ux50=200U, it will take about two months to easily achieve 2-3 times out.

Note: The income calculation fluctuates according to the price of HSPC. When the price of HSPC increases, the income increases; when the price of HSPC decreases, the income decreases.

Attachment: hero output/consumption data table is as follows

Here is a download link (.APK file) to the actual game:

More information

NFT heroes (Chests)

In the main screen of the game, you will see a button at the right that says STORE and there are 3 levels of chests that can be bought. These chests will contain 1 hero NFT card and these heroes are more powerful than 4 beginner heroes where you start the game with.

What is MHC?

MHC is a in game currency that exist in the BSC and the trading pair is MHC <=> USDT. The contract address for MHC is: 0x04Ef9272661420c4164Ad7179a962A51b648AED0

p.s. You will get 10 MHC as a bonus for every 100 stages clear.

How to transfer SIT to your in-game wallet?

To transfer SIT to your in-game wallet, you will first need to convert them to SIT (BEP20) tokens and this can be done with the FuturesCash APP.

Using SIT to purchase NFT chests

You can purchase the NFT Chests in the game by using MHC (using USDT to buy MHC) + SIT in-game wallet.